Hi Kendal

Thank you so much for the coaching session today. I’m feeling very inspired as a result. I have a bit of R&D to do to see where it takes me. Our discussion has given me such insight into all this stuff popping into my head. It’s like I have found all the pieces of my Wendy jigsaw - now I get to see how they fit. (I love jigsaws 😍). Thank you so much 🙏
— Wendy
Hi Kendal, Thank you so much. It was only with professionalism and moral support that I persevered through the process. I am so fortunate to have had the privilege of having you as my career consultant. Your willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty is both exemplary and inspirational. Thank you, Kendal.
— Rubi
Hi Kendal, What a difference a conversation makes. You have given me confirmation and clarity. Thank you. Now I can take practical and purposeful steps forward....
— MP
Dear Kendal,

This information is great. I’ll devise a ‘game plan’ over the next few days and set things in motion. I feel energized and focussed in a way that has been missing for months. I believe it is all a ‘process’ that had to be journeyed in order to find that internal spark. Thank you for the part that you played and for providing a sounding board to internal conversations!
Best regards and again - thank you,
— NB
Hi Kendal,

Thanks again for your time today... the session was great and exceeded all of my expectations. It was definitely an awakening.
— SM
Kendal has coached me through a challenging transition in my career. Her strategic approach has enabled me to evaluate opportunities, clarify goals and implement them into realistic outcomes. Kendal applies a consistent and transparent approach to coaching in times where there were many uncertainties in my career path. She is resilient and patient when circumstances for me were confusing and stressful. Kendal clearly thrives on challenging coaching sessions and I wholly recommend her coaching expertise to candidates at any stage of their career. She is commercially rounded in her perspective and therefore realistic in sharing her vision of another’s capabilities. Best regards,
— Clare
Dear Kendal,

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for our career coaching session today. I found it extremely useful and informative, and you have a very good, personable coaching style! I’ll be doing the exercises you have given me, as well as using all the information and taking your advice on board. I’m very happy I took the plunge to see a career coach! Best wishes,
— TG
Morning Kendal,

Thank you for all the information you have sent through, the session was very helpful and its opened my mind to the different career options I can consider. [.....]

Thank you again for your time, it really has helped me think in a different way and I no longer feel completely trapped where I am and I’m actually enjoying my job again now that I feel I have options in the future.

I may need your help again in the future so I will keep your contact details.

— MB