Retirement Transition

retirement transition

Retirement Transition coaching is a relatively new field in career management as aging workforces present new challenges for employers.

Your aging workforce holds a wealth of knowledge and skill which is of great value to your organisation.  As your older workers seek to transition to retirement, it is important to ensure the knowledge is retained within the organisation.

As we are living longer and healthier, many are seeking to participate in proactive retirements and adding value in new ways.  

Retirement Transition and Planning assists organisations and employees to plan transition to retirement to ensure the best outcomes for both the organisation and individuals.

In this 21st century approach to transition to retirement, we let go of old-school thinking and explore a range of options and approaches for designing a reitrement "third age" which may combine a number of active alternatives including:

  • Consulting
  • Volunteering
  • Life-long learning
  • Leisure
  • Career-change & entrepreneurship

Undertaking a review of where employees have been, what they've enjoyed and contributed, we seek to uncover the wisdom and knowledge they can continue to share within and beyond their organisations.  We work together to provide a bespoke plan for a fulfilling and active retirement.

These sessions are particularly useful for those who are in pre-retirement planning (up to five years prior to retirement).

Sessions include a Personality Profile and Career Interest Profile, which will be utilised in new ways to design a rewarding, vigorous and exciting path to your best retirement.

Contact us to book discuss how Retirmeent Transition Planning can be of use within your oganisation.