Career Counselling

New Career Entrants

new career coaching

Use our Career Counselling to help Kick Start your Career!  This service is suitable for high school students, graduates and those who are new or recent entrants to the workforce.

The world of work can be exciting and challenging.  The key question is -

Which career is the best one for me?

Career counselling sessions are unique to you.  The sessions offer an opportunity for an in-depth discussion with a highly qualified Career Advisor.  We help you explore your strengths and interests and identify actions and develop plans to help you achieve a deeply fulfilling career.

While the focus is on identifying your core strengths, we also give attention to your interests and passions.

With this support, you can build a beautiful, unique career; one which is both financially profitable and personally rewarding.

Sessions include:

90 Minute Consultation + Online Career Assessments + Reports + Detailed Individual Action Plan

Prior to your consultation, you will be provided instructions for completing the assessments.  You will also be asked to provide an up-to-date resume and/or copies of most recent school reports (as relevant).

During the consultation you will:

  • Clarify who you are; identify your aspirations and what you're passionate about
  • Understand what you have to offer
  • Define your career priorities and work-related values
  • Gain clarity about your story and share this in a way which is unique to you
  • Learn about different education options including TAFE, University and relevant pathways to learning
  • Define how you want to use your strengths, skills and interests
  • Discuss strategies to manage your personal career journey
  • Identify and tap your network
  • Map out practical next steps with an Individual Action Plan to help you on your path to realizing a fulfilling career

What does it cost?

Face to face consultation (90 minutes): $395 (inc GST).  If you can't make a face-to-face session, Skype and Phone consultations are available.

To make a booking, or for further information please contact us.