Transition to Retirement Planning

Is your career journey coming to an end or is this just an exciting new beginning?

retirement planning

Transition to Retirement coaching sessions are particularly useful for those who are in pre-retirement planning (up to five years prior to retirement) and those newly retired or who have been retired for some time and are feeling that they are lookingto deepen their retirement experience.

Beyond financial advice...

As you search the web for information on retirement planning, there are plenty of resources on financial planning for retirement.  But there is a change afoot in retirement.  We are living longer and healthier, and many are seeking to participate in proactive retirements. 

You've had an active and productive career.  You have a wealth of knowledge and skills.  Are you wanting to continue adding value in new ways?

In this 21st century approach to retirement transition, we let go of old-school thinking.  We will explore a range of options and approaches for designing a reitrement "third age".  This may include a number of active alternatives including:

  • Consulting
  • Volunteering
  • Life-long learning
  • Leisure
  • Career-change & entrepreneurship

Transition to Retirement Plans include:

  • where you've been
  • what you've enjoyed
  • what you'd like to keep doing; and
  • how to continue contributing your wisdom

Together, we'll work develop a bespoke plan for a fulfilling and active retirement.

Sessions include a Personality Profile, motivations and skills assessments and Career Interest Profile, which will be utilised in new ways to design a rewarding, vigorous and exciting path to your best retirement.

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Active Retirement Group Programs

You may also be interested in our series of Active Retirement group learning programs.  Contact us for further details.